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Water Nail Art

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beautiful water nail art  Water Nail Art

Beautiful Water Nail Art


Water nail art will look good on your nil. The first thing to do, you need to apply scotch tape to cover the skin around your nails. This will make the cleaning process a lot easier. After that, you need to apply base coat. Do not forget to apply white coat to your nail and let it dry. Prepare cool water with perfect temperature to get the best water nail art. Pour the nail into your water using the brush, only one drop at each. Make sure it spread in the water when you pour your nail polishes. After that, dip your finger into the water. The last step is cleaning and applying top coat. Your water nail art is ready.


Water Nail Art Photos

long water nails  Water Nail Art

Long Water Nails designs


pink water nails art ideas  Water Nail Art

Pink Water Nails Art Ideas


red black water nails art  Water Nail Art

Red Black Water Nails Art


tranquil waters nails  Water Nail Art

Tranquil Waters Nails



water nail art for short nails  Water Nail Art

Water Nail Art for Short Nails

It is Post About Water Nail Art

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