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Marble Nail Art Process

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blue marble nail art Marble Nail Art Process

Blue Marble Nail Art


Marble nail art is like professional doing but you can do it by yourself if you want to. Marble color can be made from various color mixed in one bowl. The first thing is finding the right color. Choose the base color for your cool nail art. Soft pallet colors will be a good choice. You can have more than 3 different colors for this marble nail art process. You can prepare a cup of water and nail polish. Pour the nail polish into a cup of water in turn, so that you will see the bubble of the nail polish. Make sure you see the three layers of the color. The last process to make your own marble nail art is dipping your nail.


Marble Nail Art Pictures

classic marble nails art Marble Nail Art Process

Classic Marble Nails Art


cool nails marble designs Marble Nail Art Process

Cool Nails Marble Designs


long marble nails Marble Nail Art Process

Long Marble Nails


marble nail abstract Marble Nail Art Process

Marble Nail Abstract Artistic


marble nail art Marble Nail Art Process

Marble Nail Art


marble nail art easy Marble Nail Art Process

Marble Nail Art Easy


water marble nails design Marble Nail Art Process

Water Marble Nails Design

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